Project: Lake Area of Mansfeld Country

Surprisingly, this central area of Germany is almost unknown – at least for people who are living a bit remote from there. However, at closer look it reveals a beauty and distinctiveness, because it combines an unspoiled state  – possibly a result from being a former GDR territory – with the legacy of the coal industry. It is also the home of Martin Luther. In direct neighborhood memorable geniuses like Georg Friedrich Händel and Friedrich Nietzsche have acted. All this together with its great landscape and nature imparts a special character to this region. It can be loved for its modesty and unknownness. Its appeal comes from the hidden beauty in case the beholder has very open eyes. 

Birthday at Lake House

Lake House in front of Fog

Coal Machine

Kite Flying

Chicken Meadow

Pumpkin Ghost

Mega Bubble

Lake View at Winter Time

Corny Bird Dummy