About Me

I am shooting photos since my early childhood and my hobby has been growing ever since then. In the mid seventies when I begun, everything was quite elementary and conducive to learn the photographical basics. The unconscious starting point of my enthusiasm about freezing the world in moments was when I grabbed the Zeiss Ikon camera from my father and started shooting. It never let me go. Very symptomatic is my willingness to get full control on what I am doing. Before digital cameras came up,  I did a self-study of black and white film technology which related to the „zone system“. I could not find a better teacher and coach than from a former student of Ansel Adams.
The center of my interests is in generic depictions, if needed only slightly tweaked, not artificially arranged, black and white style wherever it makes sense, reduction of the content and a valuation of the simple things. My attitude is also mirrored by my equipment.  Since a couple of months I am a happy owner of two Leica M cameras. It allows me to live the kind of photography that puts creativity and the sense for subjects into the foreground.
As from the beginning of my journey, I want to move forward. Thus I am currently working on my Internet presence and would be extremely happy for taking over an assignment.